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A Brand for Firemen. To Preserve Our Culture & Promote Brotherhood. 

Johnny Backdraft Apparel is made in the great city of Indianapolis, where our profession has a proud and storied history since 1826 and the city's firemen have always  steadfastly held true to the aggressive firefighting ways. 

The Brand was founded on love of the job and a need to give back with our main charity being the Indianapolis Firefighters Emerald Society. A portion of the proceeds will go to supporting their efforts in giving back to brothers and sisters in need and other charities throughout the city. The name Johnny Backdraft is a bit of an inside joke so dont take it so seriously...."or we feed you to the thing!".

We currently offer custom designed shirts on a pre-order basis, custom artwork, station & parade banners, decals, helmet stickers, and enamel pins.

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